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Let's Work Together

Some Ongoing Projects

An ongoing series focused on meeting up with 50+ mentors, friends, thought leaders, dreamers, doers and challengers -- real people with cool stories and contagious energy.
Seeking out real connections, pursuing purpose, gathering insight, and sharing stories along the way. 50 cups of coffee can change your life.

Let’s show the world why Toronto is a great place to work and live! Share your story! Tag us or use #startuphereto on Instagram or twitter.

Looking for work in Toronto? We can help! Just remember *By joining this group you are agreeing to be an advocate for our community values, and to abide by all group rules and guidelines.

Small Businesses

I have worked with a number of small businesses, entrepreneurs, corporations, non-profits, and other orginizations on a variety of areas.

Are you starting a new business? Looking to further develop and refine your brand and messaging? Need a website built? Want some help with social media management? Let's talk!


Ocassionally I consider working on collabrative projects if they speak to me. Get in touch if you have an interesting idea!

Product Reviews + Gifted Items

I am always happy to review products. It could be anything from jewelry, accessories, clothing etc.

You can contact me directly with more information about your product and we can talk over some more details. I will share my thoughts and photo on the blog, facebook and twitter.

Also, your item will be tagged by your name and your social media and shop will be referred with a link. At the moment, sponsored posts are not available. Everything I post is written by me unless it's a guest post by an invited creative.


Well who doesn’t love giveaways? Feel free to contact me, providing details about the giveaway you want to have and we will set it up.

What I need from you:

A link to your website.
Information about your service or product.
Social media account details.

Advertising + Promotion

Sponsors are the best! There is no specific amount of sponsors per month. The ads run for a month, from the moment the ad is purchased.

Ad Types:

Mini sponsor ad (205 x 100px) that costs 50$ and runs for a month.
Banner sponsor ad (229 x 229px) that costs 100$, runs for a month. One per month will run on the blog.

How They Should Look:

Mini sponsor Ads: To keep things, pretty and clean but eye popping, the ad should be white color background, with a black logo, no tagline, no border, just the logo. If you are not into this stuff, you can request from me to design it for you, with no charge of course.

Banner sponsor ad: A clean image, with discrete logo or no logo. Images must be approved by me.


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14k+ Twitter Followers.
Klout Score of 60+

If you are interested in sponsoring this blog, buying an ad, running a giveaway or send a gifted item, feel free to shoot me an email anna[at] Note that i won't agree to share a product or item that I wouldn’t personally recomend wearing or using. All items shared and tagged on this blog, are my personal picks and choices and not all of them are affliate links. Keeping my blog personal and true to who i am, means more than anything to me.

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